Samarah is a graceful and elegant performer with a smile that ignites with the sheer joy of dance.  She quickly fell in love with the art form, which she sees as a celebration of life, femininity and friendship. 

 With a background in jazz, tap, ballet and theatre arts, Samarah brings her knowledge of movement and body alignment as well as emotional interpretation to her dance.  Elegant and demure, yet also smart and sassy, Samarah's style is original and engaging.  Her devotion to the art is evident through her continued education, traveling both locally and internationally to study Middle Eastern dance.

Samarah performs Raqs Sharqi and folkloric styles and specializes in veil, sword, and fan veils. In addition to being a solo performer and instructor, she is Director of SilkRain- a Dance Company, and owner of Beyond the Veil Dance.